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BancABC Zambia operates 22 other branches that are spread throughout the 10 provinces of Zambia offering Banking Products to its customers. BancABC has been operating in Zambia for over a decade under its predecessor name African Banking Corporation. The bank currently has a staff compliment of over 220 staff.


Integrity is vital to our existence. The bank believes is ethics of the highest standard and endeavor to manage its operations based on this.


The Bank values its relationships and builds life long relationships with all its customers, would be customers, general public, employees and stakeholders. The bank provides partnerships that are based on trust; respect and understanding that promote loyalty and continued business.


BancABC Zambia is aware of its environment and is committed to operating in an eco friendly environment. The bank is responsible for the area we operate in and beyond. The organisation encourages staff to be mindful and responsible to the environment. BancABC has policies on the disposal of waste, conduct, human rights, saving of energy, HIV/AIDS. The bank is committed to the continuity of a green environment and preservation of the limited resources currently at its disposal.