Microfin a Division of BancABC provides an innovative Group Scheme loan product to Government and Private Sector employees throughout Zambia. All our loans are easy to process, quick, flexible and are recovered by means of payroll deductions. The features of the payroll based term loan are as follows:

  • Tenors of up to 48 Months.
  • Financing currency: ZMK.
  • Competitive Interest rate at base + a margin per annum on a reducing balance basis.
  • An arrangement fee.
  • Administration fee of per month on the original principal amount.
  • The product will be covered by credit life insurance and funeral cover which cost will be for the account of the client.
  • All loans are insured against death, retrenchment and disability (terms and conditions apply).

Services currently offered to:

  • Defence forces
  • Hospital Workers
  • Government Ministries
  • Educational Sector ie teachers, lecturers, counsellors etc
  • Mining Sector

Microfin a Division of BancABC has 19 branches throughout Zambia and is located in all the 9 provinces of the country. We endeavor to reach every location through a well organised Mobile Banking teams to reach the furthest parts of the country.

How do I apply for microfinancing?

  • You qualify for a microfinancing loans if you are
  • In full time formal employment
  • Earn a net salary of K300,000 or more
  • You have a Zambian national registration card, passport
  • 3 latest payslips, company ID, bank statement or ATM card

What do I need to apply?

Simply walk into anyone of our Microfinancing outlets with the necessary documentation and get your loan immediately


Qualifying Criteria

The Payroll Deduction Agreement between the bank and your employers must be signed before you can access a loan





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