Grow your business with European Investment Bank Financing

Is your business investment ready? Poised for growth? In need of financing for a project costing less than ten million Euros? If you have a workforce less than 3,000 people, you could be eligible for credit channeled through BancABC from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

To learn more, check the eligibility criteria below and speak to your relationship manager today. We're ready to help your business grow.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Type of beneficiaries: SMEs, Mid-Sized Corporate (Mid-Caps) and Commercially Run Public Entities (CRPE) with a workforce up to 3,000 based in Zambia.
  • Type of activity: all economic sectors are eligible with few exceptions
  • Type of project: all tangible and intangible investments and expenditures as well as working capital requirements
  • Project cost: can be up to EUR 10m.

Key Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum loan amount: EUR 10m, which is up to 100% financing. The EIB's contribution, however, cannot exceed EUR 5.5 million. For CRPE, financing cannot exceed 50% of total project cost..
  • Tenor: minimum of 3 years
  • Currency: EUR, USD or ZWK.
  • Attractive Interest rates on offer.

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Investor Relations

BancABC aims to provide the investor community with transparent and timeous information. This is undertaken through a proactive process whereby information is continually and broadly disseminated to the financial community and the investing public, ensuring that the Group is accurately valued in the marketplace...

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